Information for International Students

What is the WFI Consulting Cup?



Participate in the twelfth WFI Consulting Cup, the largest case study competition for students in Germany from 28th of November until 1st of December 2019.

Experience together with your team an unforgettable event in Ingolstadt, with first class catering, 24h shuttle service, and a four star hotel all inclusive.




Profit from an ideal framework to create a large social network consisting of consulting firms as well as motivated students. Exchange about the latest events in the consulting industry and meet intellectual individuals from companies and universities.




Meet the top firms in the consulting industry and impress them with your talents and skills by solving the case study in 24h, which will be created by our premium partner Roland Berger

When Does The WFI ConSulting Cup Take Place?


...the twelfth Consulting Cup takes place in Ingolstadt (Germany) on the WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management campus.

Is This Event Limited to German Speaking students only?


 The WFI Consulting Cup is also for English speaking students, that want to participate in the largest case study competition in Germany.


The case is going to be issued in English and your solution can be presented in English as well. 

How can I apply?


The application phase will be announced soon. During the application phase you can find the application form on our website where you and your team can sign up for the WFI Consulting Cup.


You can apply as a team with three other team members, that you want to participate jointly in the Consulting Cup.


The second option is to apply as an single applicant and subsequently be allocated to a random team consisting only of single applicants.


The final selection of our applicants is going to be conducted by our partner companies.


Further detail will be released timely so you can submit your application on time.

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A report ABOUT a successful participation in the WFI Consulting Cup

Clara, the author of this report, is part of the winning team of the WFI Consulting Cup 2017 and member of Frankfurt School Student Consulting. Julian Collin, Daniel Hame, Christian Schwalbach and her from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management won the 24h hour case competition.

It is past 9PM on Friday night and we have just decided on an innovative AI and analytics driven product that will help our client to regain market share, consumer satisfaction and profitability. No slide has been written yet and all of us are extremely conscious of the deadline coming ever closer. Tomorrow by 1PM we will have to submit our final presentation and the prototype for our idea and afterwards pitch it against eleven other teams with extremely talented and experienced students.

The Consulting Cup started off quite differently though...(read more)