Information for International Students

The WFI Consulting Cup is an annual event where students from all over Europe come together to prove themselves in a case study competition. The event takes place in Ingolstadt, on the campus of the WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management. Ingolstadt is one of the fastest growing cities in Germany, which also provides excellent possibilities to study at the WFI as it is one of the best-rated faculties for business and economics in Germany.


Once we have set the dates for this years Consulting Cup, we will let you know.

At Consulting Cup, teams can win prize money of €3500 in total. There will be 12 teams competing this year, three of these teams consists single applicants.

You can either apply as a single applicant or as a team of four. If you apply as a single applicant, you will be matched with three other single applicants to form a team.  If you apply as a team, make sure all four of you apply with the same team name. Teams that do not consist of four students will be treated as single applicants.

If you get chosen to be a participant, you will spend an extended weekend (Thursday – Sunday) in Ingolstadt. You will enjoy free accommodation and be provided meals all day. There will also be a 24-hour shuttle-service.

Besides the case study, you will have exclusive chances to meet our partner companies, who are all settled across the whole spectrum of the consulting branch. There will be a speed-dating and a get-together, where you can get to know our partners.

To encourage a more relaxed personal exchange with our partners, we arranged a gala-dinner and a cocktail-party.  

If you do not speak German, you do not have to worry. All our team members speak English as well as our partners. The case study itself will be in English and you are able to hold you presentation in English too.

The case study itself will be 24 hour-case-study. That does not mean you have to stay awake during the whole time. It just means that you have 24 hours to work on the case study.

How do you apply? Once we opened up our application form, you can apply via a link, that will be posted here, on our Facebook page as well as our newsletter.


We also offer a different method to get in touch with our partners if you do not want to participate in the case study. Our partners are looking for ambitious students  everywhere, so we want to give them an opportunity to recruit apart from our regular participants. You can apply for the speed-dating with our partners with our application form. Just make sure to select "speed-dating".


We hope to see you soon in Ingolstadt.


WFI Ingolstadt School of Management

Auf der Schanz 49

85053 Ingolstadt

For more information or questions you can contact us via our contact form.